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When I first started out as a Horror Host wasn't sure about Public Domain films. I made a link to the films I hosted seperately from my bits. Some films have been since taken down by Youtube so only my show bits remain.

Episode 1 Frankenstein Vs Dracula starring Lon Chaney and J Carrol Nash

Episode 2 Little Shop Of Horrors
Episode 3 Demonic Toys Vs Puppetmaster
Episode 4 Sweeny Tod starring Tod Slaughter
Episode 5 Tales of Tomorrow Frankenstein FT Lon Chaney Jr.
Episode 6 Dracula and his Vampire Brides Christopher Lee
Episode 7 Frogs ft Sam Elliot

Episode 8 Horror of Party Beach -
Episode 9 Fright Night
Episode 10 Wolfman link
Episode 11 Monster Club Vincent PriceT
Episode 12 Witchfinder general Vincent Price

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