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Hallloween Spooktacular " The Ghosts of Hanley House" 
Episode 14 'The Blanchville Monster"
Episode 13 " Fear In the Night" starring Deforrest Kelley
Episode 12 " Condemned to Live" 
Episode 11 " King of the Zombies" starring Mantan Moreland
Episode 10"Dead Men Walk" starring George Zucco
Episode 9 "The Mad Monster" starring George Zucco
Episode 8 "Undying Monster" starring James Ellison
Episode 7 "Bride of the Monster" Starrring Bela Lugosi
Episode 6 "Night of the Demon" starring Dana Andrews
Episode 5 House of Evil staring Boris Karloff
Episode 4 The Black Cat starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi
Episode 3 The Diary of a Madman
 Episode 2 The Devil's Hand
 Episode 1 Last Man on Earth

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