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Episode one "Theatre of Blood"

Episode two "Jesse James meets Frankenstein's Daughter"

Episode three : "The Vulture"

Episode four "Lady Frankenstein"

Episode Five "Gammera-the Invinceable"

Episode 6 Revenge of the Zombies

Episode 7 Embryo-Rock Hudson

Season 7

Episode 8 White Zombie

Episode 9 White Pongo

Episode 10 Horror of Spider Island special Horror Host guest Vincent Grimmly

Episode 11 Dominique Is Dead Cliff Robertson

Episode 12 Carry On Screaming

Episode 13 How Awful About Allan starring Anthony Perkins plus Danvers of Demented Features Special Guest

Episode 14 Alligator People starrinig Lon Chaney jr. and Beverly Garland

Episode 15 Premature Burial -Ray Milland and Hazel Court

Episode 16 The Ghoul Peter Cushing

Episode 17 Door To Door Maniac Johnny Cash

Episode 18 Venus Fly Trap-Halloween special 1

Episode 19 Fangs of the Undead

Yule Special "Dont open Til Christmas" Rated R viewers discretion

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