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Episode 1 "IN the Year 2889"

"I Bury The Living staring Richard Boone and Special gameshow Death or Consequences?>/p>

Episode 2 "Horrors of the Black Museum"

Episode 3 "The Manster"

Episode 4 "The Killer Driller"

Episode 5 "Horror Castle" Christopher Lee

Episode 6 Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory episode 150

Episode 7 "Vampire Ticks from Outer Space"

Episode 8 Anatomy of a Pyscho with special guest Horror Host Danvers

Episode 9 Brainiac

Episode 10 Castle of the living dead" Christopher lee

Episode 11 This woods is Cursed-Jebiadiah Boon

Episode 12 "Long John Silver"

Episode 13 "Curse of the Swamp Creature" John Agar

Episode 14 "IT!-Curse of The Golem" Roddy McDowall


Episode 15 "Messiah Of Evil" Royal Dano

Episode 16 " This Book is Cursed" Norman Butt

Episode 17 "Svengali" John Barrymore plus special Horror Hosts guests Halloween Jack and Jaqueline

Episode 18 "Pharaoh's Curse"

Episode 19 " The Hearse" Trish Van Devere

Episode 20 "The Embalmer"

Episode 21 "Face of The Screaming Werewolf" Lon Chaney

Episode 22 "Danse Macabre aka Castle of Blood" Barbara Steel Season Finale

Episode 23 Black Friday - Karloff and Lugosi

Special Yule Xmass featuring "Black Christmas" staring Olivia Hussey and John Saxon

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