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Episode 1 "IN the Year 2889"

Special re-showing of I Bury The Living staring Richard Boone and Special gameshow "Death or Consequences?" with many famous Horor Host Stars

Episode 2 "Horrors of the Black Museum"

Episode 3 "The Manster"

Episode 4 "The Killer Driller"

Episode 5 "Horror Castle" Christopher Lee

Episode 6 Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory episode 150

Episode 7 "Vampire Ticks from Outer Space"

Episode 8 Anatomy of a Pyscho with special guest Horror Host Danvers

Episode 9 Brainiac

Episode 10 Castle of the living dead" Christopher lee

Episode 11 This woods is Cursed-Jebiadiah Boon

Episode 12 "Long John Silver"

Episode 13 "Curse of the Swamp Creature" John Agar

Episode 14 "IT!-Curse of The Golem" Roddy McDowall


Episode 15 "Messiah Of Evil" Royal Dano

Episode 16 " This Book is Cursed" Norman Butt

Episode 17 "Svengali" John Barrymore plus special Horror Hosts guests Halloween Jack and Jaqueline

Episode 18 "Pharaoh's Curse"

Episode 19 " The Hearse" Trish Van Devere

Episode 20 "The Embalmer"

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