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Episode 1 "End of The World" Touch Connors

Episode 2 " Werewolf Goes To Washington" Dean Stockwell

Episode 3 "Count Dracula's Great Love" Paul Naschy

Episode 4 "Teenagers Battles The Thing"

Episode 5 Curse Of Bigfoot"

Episode 6 Attack of the Giant leeches"

Episode 7 " Night Fright" John Agar our 175th episode

Episode 8 " Frankenstein '80"

Episode 9 "Uncle was a Vampire" Christopher Lee

Episode 10 "Satanic Rites of Dracula" Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

Episode 11 " Stanley" Alex Rocco

Episode 12 "Frankenstein Double Feature FT. Frankenstein and the Space Monster and Edison 1910 Frankenstein"

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