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Episode 1 "End of The World" Touch Connors

Episode 2 " Werewolf Goes To Washington" Dean Stockwell

Episode 3 "Count Dracula's Great Love" Paul Naschy

Episode 4 "Teenagers Battles The Thing"

Episode 5 Curse Of Bigfoot"

Episode 6 Attack of the Giant leeches"

Episode 7 " Night Fright" John Agar our 175th episode

Episode 8 " Frankenstein '80"

Episode 9 "Uncle was a Vampire" Christopher Lee

Episode 10 "Satanic Rites of Dracula" Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

Episode 11 " Stanley" Alex Rocco

Episode 12 "Frankenstein Double Feature FT. Frankenstein and the Space Monster and Edison 1910 Frankenstein"

Episode 13 " Man IN The Attic" Jack Palance

Episode 14 "Vault of Horror" Tom Baker

Episode 15 " It's Alive" Tommy Kirk

Episode 16 " Nightmare in Wax" Cameron Mitchell

Episode 17 "Planet of Dinosaurs"

Episode 18 "Asylum of Satan" Special Guest Horror Host Danvers of Demented Features

Episoe 19" Dark Places" Christopher Lee

Episode 20 " Hedeous Sun Demon"

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