"Phantom Of The Opera" Lon Chaney

            Episode 16 Ep: 210

"Tales of Dracula"

   Joe DeMuro  Ep. 3  EP 197

"The Oval Portrait" -Special Guest Horror Host :The Key Master Slasher Poe.  Episode 11 ep: 205

"Baba Yaga"  Carrrol Baker Ep. 4 EP 198

EEGAH starring Richard Kiel and Arch Hall Jr.

Episode: 13    ep: 207

FangsGiving Special 2019

Crow Haven Farm starring Hope Lange and john Carradine

"Don't Answer The Phone" 

      Rated R for Adults

Episode 15 Ep: 209

"The Forest"

Episode 10 Ep: 204

Web of the Spider

Episode 22 ep 216

"The Uncanny" 

Peter Cushing Ep. 2 EP 196 

War of The Monsters: Gamera Vs Barugon

Episode 17 Ep 211

Hunchback of Notre Dame  starring Lon Chaney Sr.

Episode: 12      ep: 206

Elves -Dan Haggerty

Episode 25 ep 219

200th Episode ft. Dr.Terror's House of Horrors Ep 6 ep 200

Mesa of Lost Women ft. Jackie Coogan

               Episode 9 Ep:203

"Corpse Grinders" Ep.5 ep 199

Bela Lugosi Double Feature with "Murder by Television" and "Bowery at Midnight" Ep: 7  and 8 ep; 201 and 202

Castle of Evil

Episode 18 Ep 212

Invasion of The Vampires

Episode 21   ep 215

Halloween Special Season 10 Finale

"Devils of Darkness"

Episode 23 ep 217 

Horror Of Party Beach" 

Episode 14  ep: 208

Day of the Triffids

Episode 20 ep 214.

The Curse of the Aztec Mummy

Episode :19  ep: 213

"Terror In The Wax Museum"

Ray Milland, Elsa Lanchester and John Carradine  Ep. 1 EP 195