"Tales of Dracula"

   Joe DeMuro  Ep. 3  EP 197

"The Oval Portrait" -Special Guest Horror Host :The Key Master Slasher Poe.  Episode 11 ep: 205

"Baba Yaga"  Carrrol Baker Ep. 4 EP 198

"Don't Answer The Phone" 

      Rated R for Adults

Episode 15 Ep: 209

"The Forest"

Episode 10 Ep: 204

Elves -Dan Haggerty

Episode 25 ep 219

Castle of Evil

Episode 18 Ep 212

Invasion of The Vampires

Episode 21   ep 215

Horror Of Party Beach" 

Episode 14  ep: 208

Day of the Triffids

Episode 20 ep 214.

The Curse of the Aztec Mummy

Episode :19  ep: 213

"Terror In The Wax Museum"

Ray Milland, Elsa Lanchester and John Carradine  Ep. 1 EP 195

FangsGiving Special 2019

Crow Haven Farm starring Hope Lange and john Carradine

Web of the Spider

Episode 22 ep 216

"The Uncanny" 

Peter Cushing Ep. 2 EP 196 

Mesa of Lost Women ft. Jackie Coogan

               Episode 9 Ep:203

"Corpse Grinders" Ep.5 ep 199

Halloween Special Season 10 Finale

"Devils of Darkness"

Episode 23 ep 217 

"Phantom Of The Opera" Lon Chaney

            Episode 16 Ep: 210

EEGAH starring Richard Kiel and Arch Hall Jr.

Episode: 13    ep: 207

War of The Monsters: Gamera Vs Barugon

Episode 17 Ep 211

Hunchback of Notre Dame  starring Lon Chaney Sr.

Episode: 12      ep: 206

200th Episode ft. Dr.Terror's House of Horrors Ep 6 ep 200

Bela Lugosi Double Feature with "Murder by Television" and "Bowery at Midnight" Ep: 7  and 8 ep; 201 and 202