The Scarlet Letter

ep 21

Blood of Draculas Castle

ep 5

Creature From The Haunted Sea ep 3

The Terror- Boris Karloff and Jack Nickolson

ep 17

Grave of the Vampire

ep 4

Scream Bloody Murder

ep 22

Giant Behemoth

ep 16

The Screaming Skull

Shock- Vincent Price

ep 18

Terror in the Midnight Sun

ep 7

Horror Hotel

ep 19

Daughter of Darkness

ep 8

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks

ep 1

Bloody Pit of Horror

ep 6

Christmas Carol (narrated by Vincent Price)

ep 24

Son of Nagagi

ep 20

Dementia 13ep 14

Carnival of Souls

ep 15

Pit & Pendulum

Bucket of Blood

ep 12

Plan 9 of Outer Space

ep 13

Black Sunday

ep 23

Frankensteins Daughter

ep 2