Here are some other places on the Internet and ROKU TV  where you can see Monster Movie Night

My family and I went to our very first convention called "Monster Bash" in Pennsylvania in 2009 . We met so many people that were like us, fans of monster movies and memorabilia. Also we met Horror Hosts such as Penny Dreadful, Dr.Ivan Cryptosis, and Count Gore DeVol.

Everyone had such a great time and doing exactly what they loved. So we returned another year and another. In 2011 I decided that I had the technology and plus I have been living the monster way of life my whole life - living in a Monster Museum seemed it seemed perfectly logical to be a Horror Host. I knew that getting on a cable TV station or any TV station would be virtually impossible, so the next best thing was the Internet. Bobby Gammonster - Internet Horror Host  was born or rather came out of the coffin. I have met and received much support from fellow horror hosts who also are on the internet. I hope you all enjoy the show and enjoy seeing our home, Gargoyle Manor-The Monster Museum that we use as our base for the show. So as I say at the end of each show...keep Screaming!

Other Horror-fying people Bobby Gammonster has met:

Bobby Gammonster and Boris T Buzzard of Monster Movie Night can now be seen on cable TV station CMNTV-18 on Comcast or WOW or online at at 12am Sat Night /Sunday Morning