The Creeping Flesh

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing 

ep 11 ep 329

The Vampire's Ghost and the Snake Woman

ep 9 and ep 10  ep 327 and 328

Scream and Scream Again

Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing

Ep 2 ep 320

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20 Million Miles To Earth

William Hopper

Ep 5 ep 323

Theatre of Death

Christopher Lee

Ep 7 ep 325

Cry of the banshee

Vincent Price 

Ep 6 ep 324

Frankenstein 1970

Boris Karloff

Ep 3 ep 321

The Tell Tale Heart

Laurence Payne

Ep 4 ep 322

Son Of Dr. Jekyll 

ep 8
ep 326


Anthony Hopkins, Ann Margaret and Burgess Meridith

ep 12 ep 330

The House of  Seven Corpses

John Carradine

ep 1 ep 319