The Pyschopath

John Standing

Danvers of demented Features Special Guest Host

ep. 3 ep 296

"To All a Good Night" 

ep 25  ep 318

Toxic Alien Zombie Babes from Outer Space - special appearances by Bobby Gammonster as Man Being Beamed Up into UFO and  Misty  Meyers as Mistress Malicious

ep: 9 ep 302

Hell Night 

Linda Blair

Halloween Spooktacula Season 14 Finale

ep 23 ep 316

Count Dracula 1971

Christopher Lee,herbert Lom and Klaus Kinski

ep 22 ep 315

The Oblong Box -Vincent Price

ep 4 ep 297

Black Magic

Orson Welles

ep: 5 ep 298

The House on Skull Mountain

Victor French and Mike Evans

ep 16 ep 309

She Freak

ep 13 ep 306


Ray Miland and Sam Elliot

Special guest Horror Host -The Raven

ep 15 ep 308 

The Black Cat

Patrick Magee

Ep 10 Ep 303

Return of the Blind Dead

ep 12 ep 305

Legend of Lizzy Borden FangsGiving Special. Elizabeth Montgomery

ep 24 ep 317

Orgy of the Dead  aka The Hanging Woman  FT: Paul Naschy

ep: 19 ep 312


Cornel Wilde and Bernie Casey

ep 18 ep 311

Night of the Big Heat starring 

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

ep 17 ep 310

Blood Beach

john saxon and burt young

ep 14 ep 307

The Dunwich Horror 

Dean Stockwell, Sandra Dee and Ed Begley sr. 

ep 2 ep 295

The Witch 1966 and a short 2019 film by Jay Crimson called The Witch with an interview by filmmaker Jay Crimson

ep 6 ep 299

Nothing But The Night

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

ep 20 ep 313

Baron Blood

Josepth Cotten and Elke Sommer

ep 21 ep 314

New Year's Evil

Roz Kelly and Kip Niven

ep 1  ep 294

Wake In Fright

Donald Pleasance

special guest Raul Madblud

ep 11 ep 304

Holy Terror aka Alice , Sweet Alice

ep 8 ep 301

Blood of Dracula's Castle

John Carradine

ep. 7 ep 300