Holy Terror aka Alice , Sweet Alice

ep 8 ep 301

Wake In Fright

Donald Pleasance

special guest Raul Madblud

ep 11 ep 304

The Dunwich Horror 

Dean Stockwell, Sandra Dee and Ed Begley sr. 

ep 2 ep 295

Blood of Dracula's Castle

John Carradine

ep. 7 ep 300

The Witch 1966 and a short 2019 film by Jay Crimson called The Witch with an interview by filmmaker Jay Crimson

ep 6 ep 299

New Year's Evil

Roz Kelly and Kip Niven

ep 1  ep 294

The Pyschopath

John Standing

Danvers of demented Features Special Guest Host

ep. 3 ep 296

Toxic Alien Zombie Babes from Outer Space - special appearances by Bobby Gammonster as Man Being Beamed Up into UFO and  Misty  Meyers as Mistress Malicious

ep: 9 ep 302

The Oblong Box -Vincent Price

ep 4 ep 297

Black Magic

Orson Welles

ep: 5 ep 298

The Black Cat

Patrick Magee

Ep 10 Ep 303