"Alone in the Dark"

Jack Palance, Martin Landau, Donald Pleasance.

episode 2 ep: 271 

The Giant Claw

episode 10 ep 279

Burke and Hare 1972

episode 8 ep 277

Blood Bride

episode 14 ep 283 

" The World of The Vampires" 

episode 5 ep: 274

Carol for Another Christmas

Peter Sellers, Robert Shaw and Britt Ekland and more 

ep 24 ep 293

Gamera VS Monster X

episode 11 ep 280

13 Ghosts- Original  use 3-D glasses

Halloween Spooktacular Special

season 13 finale

ep 22 ep 291 

Rondo Hatton Double Feature

:The Brute Man" and " The Spider woman Strikes Back"

episode 9 ep 278

The Mask

Paul Stevens

ep 20 ep 289

"The Bell" aka "The Bell from Hell"

episode 1 ep: 270

Edge of Sanity

Anthony Perkins 

Guest Horror Host  - Sicko Pyschotic

episde 13 ep 282

" Lisa and the Devil" 

Elke Somur and Telly Savalas

episode 4 ep : 273

The Devil's Rain

Eddie Albert, Ernest Borginnine, and John Travolta

ep 21 ep 290

Sorry This film has been taken down by youube. 

The Beast Must Die

Peter Cushing

episode 16 ep 285

The Monster Club

Vincent Price

episode 6 ep 275

Nosferatu 1922

Max Schreck

episode 7 ep 276

FangsGiving Special

Long Hair of Death

Barbara Steele

ep: 23 ep: 292

Blood of Dracula's Castle

John Carradine

ep 19 ep 288

"Screams of a Winter Night"

episode 3 ep: 272

Kingdom of The Spiders

William Shatner

ep 18 ep 287

Attack of the Cat People and 

Cat Women of the Moon

ep:17 ep 286

Murders in the Rue Morgue

Jason Robards and Herbert Lom

episode 15 ep 284

The Ghost Galleon  part of the Blind Dead Collection

episode 12 ep 281